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Jun 16, 2016

If you have ever planned a wedding, or been at someone’s side who was planning a wedding, you know how incredibly stressful the process can be. Weddings, especially Long Island and NYC weddings, are grand affairs with a multitude of time sensitive moving parts all intertwining with one another and typically costing a lot of money. Combine this with the once in a lifetime milestone status of a wedding and planning one can quickly become overwhelming. Enter the event planner.

Now when you are hiring someone to execute your dream wedding, there are a few things you must make sure of.  Firstly this individual is responsible for manifesting your personal vision, your dream, this person must completely understand what you are looking to do.   Secondly this person must have an intimate understanding of the industry, they must have good connections, they need to know whose reliable whose not, they should have relationships that garner discounted services or insider perks, these are a main part of the reason to hire a wedding coordinator.  Finally they must be organized and they must be able to control and coordinate all the different vendors involved on your wedding day.  Failure to be able to do any of these things will do more harm then if you were to completely forgo the idea of a planner.  The expression too many cooks in kitchen comes to mind.

A company like Full throttle events will fit this bill nicely.  Francesca, the owner of Full Throttle events, will do as much or as little as you need, flexible enough to accommodate any need from full and complete planning to simple one time consultations, they are a good fit for any bride and groom. Empathic and relaxed they approach with a confident and optimistic air that will instantly set your mind at ease.  Years of experience in the industry and an intimate knowledge of many of the vendor types commonly found at a wedding, Full Throttle events is fully capable of can executing and manifesting your dream wedding day.

In conclusion if you are the type that gets easily overwhelmed, or you have a tendency to overthink certain situations an event planner might be the way to go for your wedding.  Find a company that you trust, that has experience, that makes you feel comfortable and that has the ability to do as much or as little as you need.  A good place to start your search is with a company like Full Throttle Events.

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