Wedding Day Tips: Photography


Posted On: February 15, 2019
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May 25, 2018

  • Don’t Forget to Freshen Your Makeup

It can be easy to forget about staying matte, reapplying lipstick, checking your highlight, contour and making sure your cheeks are blushed when you are busy thanking and kissing everyone in the receiving line after the ceremony! Before you move on to take pictures before cocktail hour, take a few minutes to freshen up so you can look your best in those special shots!

  • Pick Your Best Angle

Taking pictures while standing straight towards the camera doesn’t make for the best shot. While most photographers will help place you for pictures it is good to understand what angle you look best in. Practicing before the big day means you won’t be over thinking it, standing at an angle while tilting your chin slightly is often the most flattering. Try looking in the mirror and take some selfies to find out how you feel most comfortable.

  • Focus on Posture

Of course, you want your posture to be perfect in all your photos, however it is especially important to remember while sitting. Be sure to sit up straight and cross your legs at the ankles.

  • Hold Your Bouquet Properly

Holding your bouquet right in front of you at about waist level with your arms right in front of you can make you look bigger in photos. Having your arms held out from your hips a bit will look much better. For a more relaxed picture, holding it loosely with one hand and the other hanging naturally by your side is another great option. Remember, small details can make a big difference!

  • Smile!

With all the excitement of the happiest day of your life you would be surprised how easy it is to forget to smile, especially if you are nervous about making sure everything is perfect. Just remember you look beautiful and your smile will be your best accessory.

  • Relax and Be Yourself

Thinking too much about how you are posing can translate into your photos. Just remember to relax, breathe, and be yourself, it will make for the most natural reflection of you and your relationship.