Great Restaurants Near Farmingdale's Republic Airport


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Aug 12, 2013

Republic Airport occupies 526 acres in East Farmingdale and began operation nearly a century ago in the spring of 1928.  Originally it was used as a testing ground for new aircraft built by local manufactures such as Grumman and Seversky.  It was not until 1965 that the airport became a general aviation airport when the Farmingdale Corporation purchased it.


Today Farmingdale’s Republic Airport boasts a $139 million impact to Nassau and Suffolk Counties each year.  It is most well known for its appeal to traveling executives and corporate clientele.   To these business travelers time is money and the last thing these busy people have time to do is find a good restaurant.  So in the interest of expeditiousness here are three Zagat rated restaurants near Farmingdale’s Republic Airport.

Franks Steak’s is located just over ten miles, at Jericho turnpike in Jericho NY, South West of Republic Airport and has been Zagat rated since 1988.  Zagat survey says Franks has “The best skirt steak on earth.”  A bold statement but it is not far from the truth.  Franks steaks serves only prime aged beef and surpasses the highest standards in the industry.   Franks is no mere steak house and has a large and varied menu that includes chops, chicken, salads and seafood.

Ariana Restaurant is located just under ten miles from Republic Airport, in the township of Huntington, and even after scouring the internet I could not find one negative thing said about this truly unique establishment.  Offering fine Afghan and Vegan cuisine for over 18 years Zagat claims “Araina is Long Island’s best kept vegan secret.”  The food and seasoning in this establishment is incredible and like nothing I have ever tasted before.  Everything I have had the pleasure of trying has been delicious, to the point where when I return I am hesitant to try anything new because I have so enjoyed the previous meals.  This is another fine choice by Zagat and a great selection for any traveling executive.

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by Jarrad Kulick